CMC Wallpaper


Full color Full color Digital Screenprinting is available on 13 oz. commercial wallpaper material from customer's digital file.

The following patterns are available: Artist Canvas Emboss, Beads Emboss, Cabretta Emboss, *Canvas Emboss, Luster Emboss, Mache Emboss, Matte Emboss, Mystical Emboss, Pique Emboss, Plaster Emboss, Pueblo Emboss, SandBlast Emboss, Silk Emboss, and Suede Emboss. You can see swatches at our shop. Mouse over the sample images below for pattern names.

*Canvas Emboss is the standard stocked pattern. All other patterns require special order.


   Beads Cabretta Canvas luster Mache MatteArtist Canvas




 Pique Plaster Pueblo Sandblast Silk Suede


 Installation should be completed by a qualified wallpaper hanger using standard wallpaper installation materials and techniques.


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